Have you ever wondered why those kids living in the sundry slums are loitering at various locations of your city despite education along with midday meals, uniforms & books being provided free of cost by the Government under the Right To Education Act?

Simple, it is because they're just four years old and do not have access to pre-primary school education. By the time they turn ‘Six’ and are ready to avail their Right to Education (RTE), it's just too late!

That’s where Godhuli steps in. It was founded by noted Gandhian Dr Y. P. Anand (Rtd. Chairman, Railway Board), his senior Railway colleagues and other like-minded Samaritans in 1994. Godhuli, with its head office at Bhagat Chandra Hospital, RZF-1/1, Mahavir Enclave, Palam Dabri Road, New Delhi 110045 India, annually provides free pre-primary education to close to 500 children of age group Four to Six years, and thereby gives them the opportunity to develop the aptitude and attitude to attend conventional centre. Not stopping at that Godhuli also provides education upto standard 3 to school dropouts so that they can be once again main-streamed in recognized schools within this period. It’s significant as most of these children are living and growing up in socially challenging environments and alongwith their parents require constant motivation.

So the next time you see those little hands playing marbles in the footpath, instead of fiddling with crayons, think of us and join our endeavor. You may just have helped a kid like her, who twenty years hence may grow to be an independent and accomplished individual or who knows, even be helping other such kids!

Education is a fundamental right. Join us to educate the underprivileged.

“By education I mean an all round drawing out the best in the Child and man-body, mind and spirit” -- Mahatma Gandhi


A Charitable Society for the education & Welfare of Street and Slum Children, registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.


  • To function as an NGO for education and other welfare activities for Street/Slum Children whose number has swelled to 50 million or more in India - the biggest single denial of Human Rights in history.
  • Godhuli aims to establish norms for the education of Street/Slum Children, and to the extent possible mentor them once they are mainstreamed into formal schools. Their education should be seen as a help and not a hindrance to them and their family’s future livelihood. Godhuli aims to establish a Network of Centres for under-privileged children - to be named ‘Bapu- Ba Godhuli Shiksha Grih’.


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To look after the well-being of the Street/Slum Children on the Gandhian principles with special emphasis on free education by qualified teachers as envisaged in Articles 45 & 21A of the Constitution of India and as envisaged by the Father of Nation.

To inculcate the much needed school going habit in the early years of the child so that subsequently they can seamlessly fit into conventional schooling system.

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  • Fulfillment of basic right of education for children - a basic tenet of Swaraj and of the Constitutional provision of equal opportunity to all.
  • Elimination of Child Labour and resultant employment to adults.
  • Empowerment of girl child, amongst whom illiteracy is more prevalent and through this empowerment move towards smaller and healthier families tomorrow.
  • Enhanced economic productivity, as no nation has progressed without universal basic education.
  • Universal brotherhood and peace due to reduced social inequity.